Musings on exotic locations and travelling

Why is it that the prettiest holiday destinations are also the hardest to get to? Niue is definitely one such example: with only one weekly flight from New Zealand (and New Zealand is already very far away from Europe!), not many people have the time and money to venture out to this exotic location.

Is it worth the journey?

And yet, you’ll find hundreds of travelers who argue that it’s definitely worth going the extra mile (or two!). Despite the charms of Europe, this part of the world as well as a great chunk of the US and China have become heavily populated and it’s hard to find a location that hasn’t been partially or completely modified by us humans. The Mediterranean Sea in particular is also becoming heavily polluted. Travelling to an exotic island in the middle of the Ocean may be your best option if it’s unspoilt natural beauty you’re after!

Surviving a long haul flight

If you can afford the price of the long haul flight and you are fit and healthy, then nothing else should keep you from venturing further away. Some people are fearful of the prospect of spending too many hours on a plane, but those who have undertaken the journey normally say that they forget all about the boredom and discomfort once they land. Nowadays, you can also keep yourself entertained on flights by watching movies, listening to music, and even buying internet – this will allow you to chat to friends, play dozens of games at online casinos like Casumo, or keep up with the latest news!

24 Aug 2019